Can we buy a Spiceworld Ticket as a company?

We are interested in going, but being a small team it's hard to have one person gone for three days. Is there capability to buy a single 3 day ticket under our company name and have a different employee attend on different days to represent the company? 

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Ending this Friday: $299 SpiceWorld Austin tickets

If you've been hiding under a rock or just on vacation, here's a quick reminder that this Friday, 6/30, is your last day to register for SpiceWorld at the discounted price of just $299 - that's 50% off the full price! There's a few days left to join us in Austin this fall, October 9 -11, for SpiceWorld's 10th anniversary at the special rate of $299.

Register now

A full conference pass for SpiceWorld will get you:

  • 40+ tech sessions on IT topics (get a sneak peak at a few of the sessions here)
  • 70+ vendors to chat with and find solutions
  • 1500 IT buddies to talk shop and network with
  • Chance to chat with Spiceworkers and the Spiceworks Co-founders
  • All meals, snacks, and drinks included
  • And plenty of happy hours and a party to enjoy with your new IT pro friends

...all of that goodness and more for only $299. Grab your seat by June 30, before the...

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This seems familiar...

I would post in the Funny Pic thread, but it might be a bit more appreciated here! :P

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What Spiceworks merch do you want to see at SpiceWorld?!

Hey SpiceHeads! We're gearing up for SpiceWorld Austin 2017. We want to know what YOU GUYS want to see from the hub's Swag Shop. Here are a couple of options in the poll below. No promises that you'll see your top choice at the Hub this year, but we'll do our best to pick your favorites! Also, feel free to comment below with any other Spicy suggestions you might have. We're all ears!

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Check out the SpiceWorld Austin Agenda 2017!

We're excited to share the dozens of tech sessions we’ve got planned for SpiceWorld this fall! Whether you want to learn something new or tackle a problem you're currently facing - there's a little bit of something for everyone.

The agenda is now live on the SpiceWorld website.Here’s a quick sampling of some of the sessions, but you can see more sessions on the SpiceWorld website. We’ll continue to add new sessions as we get them.

  • PowerShell: Paving the Path to Prosperity by Jeffrey Snover
  • Project Management Skills Every SpiceHead Needs by Stephen Schneiter
  • Wireless Insecurity by Brad Call
  • Lockdown! Be the Warden of your Microsoft Domain by Jimmy Tassin & Rob Dunn

We've added a pre-event workshop! Want to squeeze in some more SpiceWorld goodness? Check out this beginning PowerShell workshop that’ll take place on Monday, October 9 during...

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Spiceworld Austin - Exhibitors

Hola! I am wondering if there is a list of exhibitors that will be at Spiceworld 2017? I am hoping to see an uptick from last year (closer to the amount of vendors 2 years ago).


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Mr. Reboots goes to Austin (for Spiceworld)

So it's not totally confirmed yet, but thanks to an Unplugged event that I participated in with some of the guys in the Spicecorps of Central Arizona (no razors required), I have a ticket to Spiceworld.

My new company has an office in Austin that Desktop Engineering hasn't visited in a year. My boss agreed that it would be prudent to send me to Austin to represent our department, and then tack on a few days to go to a conference. In short, I may be able to take a trip I could not otherwise afford to hang out with all of you.

I look forward to meeting all of you souls that make the pilgrimage.

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Session recordings from All Access are now live!!!


All Access session recordings are available now online. In case you weren’t able to attend the event or missed a session. Enjoy! :)

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must for next all access pre party


ducks v dinosaurs ? possible ?

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Self-Employment and the IT Pro

By Joe Williams @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

Becoming self-employed brings a whole new world of confusing paperwork. Learn how to meet your obligations and arrange your business efficiently, freeing you to do what you do best!

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Troubleshooting Wifi Issues Using Meraki

By Lisa Lyons @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

A practical look at how someone who knew nothing about wifi was fully able to diagnose and fix some very perplexing wifi issues (using the Meraki dashboard and tools).

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Education How-To

By Ryan Woods @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

How I use Spiceworks within the education sector. As well as sharing some tips and tricks on using an inventory system to monitor Helpdesk tickets for each device.

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Hyperconverged Technology: Simple and Efficient Backup, DR and Protection

By Alex Wilson @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

Join this session to learn how Hyperconvergence can:

  • Maximize Resiliency
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve Agility 

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A Million Ways to Die in IT

By Andrew Bettany @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

The current security landscape is scary, and requires that you bring your best game to work every day. The risk of data loss, through theft or malware is constant and on the increase. You learn to stay alert and beware of the risks, but your users need help to be protected. With many businesses now moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10, now is a good time to consider deploying some of the security features offered by Windows 10, such as BitLocker, biometric identity access, anti-malware protection and SmartScreen to name just a few, to prevent you from losing your head, and your job!

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Building Reliable IT Systems Like a Boss

By Breffni Potter @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

No matter what technology you are using. Whether it be Cloud / On premise / Hybrid a key goal in IT is to make our systems reliable. Reliability does not come from just buying the right product. With buzzwords like dual redundancy and high availability it can be easy to trust that everything will be ok, until it is not. Regardless of what project you are doing, here are key tips for delivering the project in a way that is reliable and it can help you decide how best to spend your IT budget.

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Docker - a Not Quite Deep Dive

By Gary Williams @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

Introduction to Docker and how it works. Pitfalls to watch for, exploration of the stateless nature of a container, quick overview of docker on windows and a quick overview of VMWare's photon - the VMWare optimised docker OS.

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Incoming! How to Prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation

By Greg Iddon @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

With only a year to go until the GDPR comes into enforcement, over half of organisations have yet to commence any form of preparation to meet this new regulation. Don't panic! Greg Iddon presents an informal and entertaining overview of the GDPR, what it means, and how to prepare for its imminent arrival.

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Troubleshooting VoIP

By Joe Williams @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

VoIP problems dumped in your lap? Find out how to track down and solve voice quality issues.

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How to Carry an Elephant Without Breaking Your Back

By Breffni Potter @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

"When is the last time you heard someone say IT is easy? With last minute requests, late night disasters and a to-do list which inspires fear every time you look at it. Over time this pressure can wear you down, bit like carrying an elephant. If you feel like there is no time to do what needs to be done and you are barely keeping the systems going, come to this session to learn how you can take back control. (Disclaimer: Due to health and safety there will be no elephants present.)

This session will cover:

  • Tools for the job – specific tools/processes.
  • Metrics Help. Motivate yourself to stay on top and how to show your management what you do.
  • You are special – If you don’t take care of yourself, the jobs will only get harder.
  • Importance of finding peer groups and help.

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Enterprise Network Security in SMB Environments... For Free(ish)

By Brian Whelton @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

Explaining the various methods large organisations use to monitor and secure their networks in a way that they can be deployed by SMBs, for little to no cost. Topics covered will be Netflow, SNMP, Syslog, Layer 2 security, perimeter protection and Access Control Lists, and a little theory and where best to deploy them. Most SMBs have equipment that supports these technologies but either do not understand they exist of how to deploy them. 

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From Jack of All Trades to Guru?

By Huw Davies @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

A discussion about SMB IT Managers being JOATS (Jack of all trades) and how to either be a great JOAT or how to get out of that loop.

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PowerShell Tools and ToolChains

By Ryan Yates @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

In this session you'll see, and briefly hear about, what PowerShell Tools and ToolChains are, as well as their key components. You'll also learn why you need to know these details and how to find the resources to help you learn more.

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