SpiceCorps Cancelled

Due to lack of people registering, 8x8 have had to cancel the meetings for this week, keep your eyes and ears open for the next SpiceCorps, it'll be the IPExpo hopefully we can get better attendance for that one.  Please support where you can.


Your Feedback Needed

It's been mentioned, that we should trial showing the SpiceCorps over the internet where you can watch and interact with us live on air.We need your feed back to see if this is something you would want and something you would participate in.
Participating on line would not attract the points - you would only get them if you turned up in person, we still want to promote this as a physical meeting, not just turn it into a webinar, but it does open up the possibilities.
We could have special guests from SpiceWorks join us and have live linkups with other groups.  Let us know what you think and your suggestions for what we should use, if you have contacts with vendors please ask if they will sponsor kit.


We Need 10

Thats right folks we 10 people at least to register for the next meeting, or the sponsor won't be able to run it.  Come on try to support if you can, if not, please share far and wide to see if somebody would benefit from attending.

the cut off point is Monday - so if we don't get enough interest we will have to cancel

dont forget it free meet, free swag and free food and drink afterwards