Cleaning up the Group

As you can see from the screen shot we have 200 members from across the UK but sometime only get 3 or 4 at a meet, just imagine all 200 of you showing up at one!!!!!

Looking at the list a lot of people haven't be active in the community in over 3 years and above!!

So with this in mind i'd like to thin down the list to people who are active and want to participate in the meets, don't worry if you can't get to meets for whatever reason but you still want to get notifications your still in to.

Im going to leave this post up till just before All Access (they are going to push SpiceCorps attendance)

please post in the comments below if you still want to be a member of the group (even if you can't attend and just want to lurk)

I can the just before All Access adjust the database to reflect the proper member base, then target future activities...

from SpiceCorps of Manchester


expo day

we are live at manchester expo today

don't forget to join the hangout for the meetings to get up to the minute details of whats going on

from SpiceCorps of Manchester


short notice - but opportunity to get your hands on

if you do register and mention spiceworks in the registration notes there will be some food/refreshments put on for you

from SpiceCorps of Manchester


Next 2 SpiceCorps

looking forward planning now for the next 2 SpiceCorps looking at July and October, these are going to be at the UKFast campus in Manchester.

anyone got any preferences to who i approach to get to present, any topics you want to be covered from a SpiceWorks perspective.

have you got something you want to present about? would you like to showcase your talents or speciality

let us know in the comments below.

from SpiceCorps of Manchester


all the latest expo details now here

live and up on the blog

don't forget to join the hangout for on the day updates

if you can't join us (well even if you can) please share far and wide

from SpiceCorps of Manchester

SpiceCorps @ IPExpo

SpiceCorps @ IPExpo - lets see if we can make a day out of it, managed to get a sponsor for middle of day.

The Agenda is this
12:00 meet and start of presentation by 8x8 (UC and CC platform and the benefit to business's)After this collect SpiceCorps exclusive swag bag, then 8x8 are doing a presentation in one of the rooms - feel free to tag along to this.

We also have a raffle provided by 8x8, attendance at the presentation will get you entry.

At present we have nothing planned for the evening but at 4:30 most booths will have beer & pretzels, ill be stopping around for this, then if enough interest we shall decant to one of the local hostilleries and have some more beers, but unfortunately you will have to purchase your own, unless we get another sponsor (join the hang out and keep checking and ill put details up there on the day)

Hope to see you all there on the day, ill be posting in the hangout during the meet with any details so make sure you join, if you can't go then please share where you can.


ip expo meetings

in final discussions today with sponsor as soon as all agreed ill make the changes to the meeting details, so keep a look out for the emails and support/share where you can



from SpiceCorps of Manchester


SpiceWorld Austin 2017 Sessions - VOTE now for your favorites!

We had a whopping 79 sessionssubmitted in this year's SpiceWorld Austin call for speakers!! Huge thanks to all of you who took the time to submit your session (and in some cases, multiple sessions!). We want you to VOTE on which sessions should be at SpiceWorld Austin!

You might be wondering...why do we open up session voting to the Spiceworks Community? It’s important to us to get input from SpiceHeads, like you, on what you're most interested in learning about - just another way we strive to keep SpiceWorld the "most happenin' IT conference around!".

Ready to get your vote on?! Click here to get started!Voting ends at 11:59pm (CDT) on Tuesday, May don't delay!

Please note: with 79 sessions to vote on - be prepared for a good 20 minutes of survey time. If you're short on time, or you're only interested in a particular...

from SpiceWorld