Pre-Event Sessions - Monday Oct. 9 @ SpiceWorld Austin

So you're headed to Austin on Monday, Oct. 9 for SpiceWorld so you don't miss the Welcome Shindig that evening. But what to do during the day?! Pre-event sessions!

This year we've got two pre-event sessions on Monday, October 9 at the Convention Center to keep you busy before the Welcome Shindig that evening. Whether you want a PowerShell workshop, a first look at Gen10 servers with HPE, or both check 'em out below.

- HPE Gen10 Server Release Party - FREE l Monday, Oct 9 l 3:45 - 4:45pm
The new Hewlett Packard Enterprise Gen10 servers are here! They've got all new security features and support the latest Intel Xeon, just perfect for small and medium companies. Join us on Monday to get an up close and personal look at these servers, enjoy a drink or two, and have a chance to ask our server experts your questions - all for FREE!


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2017 SpiceHQ tour signup

It's that time of year again! During the "pre-day" of SpiceWorld (Monday, October 9th), we'll be again offering a tour of the Spiceworks Headquarters for anyone in town who'd like to drop by and see the office. Generally the tour is filled with silly shenanigans, useless facts, and plenty of waving at random employees as we walk by their desks and interrupt their day. Here are some Definitely Actual Testimonials From Real People:

"Wow, it looks just like an office!" -Huw3481

"That's it?" - Bud G.

"Why are there so many empty soda cans on that guy's desk?" - HardLuckMike

"Please get out of the server room." -Kris (Spiceworks)

Since this is an 'unofficial' event, we can't offer assistance with transportation to/from our office, but typically SpiceHeads get together and share Ubers/Lyfts/taxis/rides. Feel free to coordinate in this topic!


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Spiceworld App Part 2

So, I love the idea of the app. But please, please, please give us the ability to scan the QR code for a follow link to a spicehead.

For instance, I meet someone cool (that's what this is all about right?) and want to keep in touch over the year. Well, that guy's name was... John.. maybe Jake? if only I had written stuff down on that sweet AT&T notebook with the CDW pen I got. But I've got to dig that out of the bag, and then find the pen, open everything up and wouldn't you know it, that pen I grabbed is the one that doesn't work. Now I gotta dig out another pen.

I ended up taking pictures of badges last year, which kinda worked. But it would be a more inclusive experience to just whip out my phone, open the SpiceWorld app, and scan that handy QR code on the person's badge and voila I'm at their profile. From there I should be able to...

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Looking forward to returning to Austin for another Spiceworld!

That's all...  :)

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Spiceworld App

Will the Spiceworld App be used again this year?  I have it installed and I'm waiting on the current year's sessions to be added.  I assume you're just waiting on a more finalized agenda before uploading to it, but if it isn't going to be used then I'll go ahead and delete it.

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Spiceworld Sessions and Survey

I just finished the survey about which sessions you were planning to attend (great idea by the way, hopefully there won't be as much "standing room only" going on in the popular sessions). While I was looking at the agenda though, it still seems like there are a lot of sessions to be added; is that accurate?

Tuesday's 10:30 breakout is loaded, and there are at least three I'd like to attend (which happens at any good conference). The afternoon is very light, and I see that it says more will be added. Wednesday seems pretty evenly split across three breakout times, but none of them are as busy as that first breakout on Tuesday (there are 9 sessions in that first breakout time, as opposed to about five in each of the Wednesday breakouts).

We'll always have to make some tough calls on which session you attend, I was just curious if there...

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Who wants to go on an adventure?

Did you know that Austin is home to the largest selection prohibition style speakeasies? Whats a Speakeasy you ask?

A speakeasy used to be an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages. Since prohibition ended, this now refers to "hidden" bars. Unmarked, quasi-exclusive, or accessible by reservation only to those "in the know". And let me tell you, some are pretty swanky.

Last year I had the pleasure of joining a couple adventurous green guys and gals on a tour of 4 such establishments. Many of which were within a block or two of the convention center. Hidden entrances, passcodes, trips into the basements and back lots. A bit of detective work on their part made for a highly entertaining night.

Since my annual mixer has apparently become a tradition. And I enjoyed this so much last year I decided its time to start another one. I...

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Uber and Lyft return! Yeah! Praise God! Hallelujah!

On a whim, because I remember all the complaints last year. I went out and found the following. 


Uber and Lyft have returned to Austin. Just thought I would share. Let the flow of "who wants to share an Uber" comments ensue. 

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Well due to the stars aligning I will be attending

Looking forward to gaining some knowledge on how better to serve my client's needs and meet some interesting people.

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A Day at Spiceworld

Can someone give me an example of what the days will be like, timetable wise, for Spiceworld? Any special packing suggestions? Is there going to be a table for UPS/USPS/FedEx at the conference in case of swag overload (or flight banned items)? And any other first timer advice?

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Hotel Room

FYI: Even though the Hyatt Place (an excellent, very close hotel) shows sold out on the Spiceworld travel page, I just called the property and was able to make a reservation for the conference days. It was $219, but is a valet only property, so you'll get hit for $37 per night parking. They have a full hot breakfast included, so that's something in case you don't want to have it at the con. I thought I did this reservation months ago, but apparently not, so now I can rest easy.

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The 2017 Spicies Awards: Spiceworks Partner Edition!

We've got about two months left until SpiceWorld 2017 hits, and that means that it's time for us to pick the 2017 Spicies Award winners!

For those of you not in the know, the Spicies honor the achievements of both IT pros and tech marketers. IT pros can win the Hero, Champion, and Innovator awards, while Tech marketers are eligible for the Advisor award. And the Advisor award is what we're here to discuss today! Here's our description of the Advisor award:

"Who's got your back with speedy answers, updates and straight-talk? The Advisor – the Spiceworks Partner who can geek out with you, spend quality time hanging out with you in the Community, and deliver the practical answers and nitty-gritty technical details you really want and need."

Cast your votes below on up to three Green Gals/Guys below, who you believe deserve the honors! We've...

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Spiceleader Summit this year?

Will there be a Spiceleader Summit this year?  If so, when is that planned for and when will registration open for it?

Thank you for all that you do for us!

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Government IT at Spiceworld?

Any government employees that manage to secure approval/funds for Spiceworld? Was hoping to convince my boss. Worried the event comes off as too lighthearted and fun and not the usual dry, boring nature of most conferences.  :P

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