How to Carry an Elephant Without Breaking Your Back

By Breffni Potter @ Spiceworks All Access London 2017

"When is the last time you heard someone say IT is easy? With last minute requests, late night disasters and a to-do list which inspires fear every time you look at it. Over time this pressure can wear you down, bit like carrying an elephant. If you feel like there is no time to do what needs to be done and you are barely keeping the systems going, come to this session to learn how you can take back control. (Disclaimer: Due to health and safety there will be no elephants present.)

This session will cover:

  • Tools for the job – specific tools/processes.
  • Metrics Help. Motivate yourself to stay on top and how to show your management what you do.
  • You are special – If you don’t take care of yourself, the jobs will only get harder.
  • Importance of finding peer groups and help.

from SpiceWorld

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